What is Magick?

From "Sacred Spaces"
by Michael Ravenspirit, Ph.D.

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Surrounding us all like the air that we breathe is the wonderful efferventiveness of life. Being in balance, having respectability for yourself and all things great and small creates a positive resonance with those you surround. The knowledge being presented to us these days is really nothing new, it is us re-membering (knowing again) those things which are, those things which speak to us concerning the truth. Each of us finds, defines, and creates their truth.

This is the beginnings, the middles, the ends. Let each of us rejoice in our own way, in our own time, not in our differences, but in our glorious commonality. Let each be willing and able to have a whole healed person standing before them each time they look into the mirror of their souls. The work, love and joy that we share makes each interdependent upon each. We cannot shake a strand in the web of life without affecting the entire web. All of life is change. All of life is choices. Choices are the constant river which flows and when we become one with that flow, the changes and the choices become positive living vibrations that ripple throughout the oceans of time. I choose positive creative choices. I invoke positive changes as a secure loving force. Take a breath, step into the waters of your existence and float upon the glory which is this moment, this life, this now. It is easy to believe in the things that we can see, touch, taste, smell, hear. It is the belief in those unseen parts of the universe which takes work.

Stand in wonder of the Medicine of the Universe. Make a wish, own it, have it, receive it, believe in yourself, because the Creators already do. As said in song, "you can do Magick, you can do everything your heart desires". Some may say that I look at this world of ours through rose-colored glasses. I choose to know that I am invoking the magicks, the medicines of the greater future reality in to the now. So in a final analysis, when I'm asked "what is Magick?", my answer is "what isn't?"


© 1980 by Michael Ravenspirit, Ph.D.

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