Whirlpools in the River of Life


by Sandeep Chatterjee

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In flowing forward, a river or stream may hit rocks, branches, or irregularities in the ground, causing whirlpools to spring up spontaneously here and there. Water entering one whirlpool quickly passes through and rejoins the river, eventually joining another whirlpool and moving on. Though for a short period it seems to be distinguishable as a separate event, the water of the whirlpool is just the river itself. The stability of the whirlpool is temporary.

The energy of the river of Life forms living things —a human, a dog, a cat, trees, stars, galaxies, just like whirlpools. Then what held the whirlpool in place is itself altered and the whirlpool is swept away, reentering the larger flow.

We do not want to think of ourselves as whirlpools —temporary formations. We want to see ourselves as permanent and stable and separate from the stream. To protect this supposed separateness we set up artificial, fixed boundaries and as a consequence we accumulate baggage, stuff that slips into our whirlpool and cannot flow out. So things get clogged and stagnant pools are created.

The stream needs to flow naturally and freely. We serve the flow of Life best if the water that enters ours is free to rush through and move on easily and quickly to whatever or wherever it needs to go. The energy of Life seeks rapid transformation.

How do we clog our whirlpools?
By our concepts, our conceptions, our beliefs, our holding onto our experiences, our defenses of our faith. (What is faith —I do not know but I wish it was so...)

© 1997 by Sandeep Chatterjee

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