by Hugh Harleston, Jr.

Life is light for us humans. But we are accustomed to think that the light shines in darkness and the darkness does not comprehend. This could be telling us that it serves no purpose to try to "know" intellectually, that there is an unnameable life within. The Mayans named the unnameable: HUNAB-KU. If we are to find paths to understanding, they must be in the present moment, now. And the "darkness" in ourselves, our always being "out there" but never "in here", can, by our becoming aware, comprehend, be made pregnant by HUNAB-KU, nameless moment of non-verbality. This means we must try to contact as frequently as possible the stillness in ourselves, with complete sincerity, genuine seriousness, utter simplicity.


© 1986 by Hugh Harleston, Jr.

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