p o e m s   i n   h a i k u   s t y l e
b y    m a g u i

impressions, experiences and reflections
of life in a little tropical village
on the pacific coast of mexico


a herd of cowbells
drumming hooves
trailing dust

(chio-ni haiku)
magui stites


Magui was born in Java, Indonesia,
of Dutch-Indonesian parents,
and was repatriated to the
Netherlands as a teenager.
As a young adult she immigrated
to California, where she married
and raised two children.


yelapa, mexico


In 1979 she moved to Yelapa,
a remote fishing village in Mexico,
where she still lives today.
As her blindness progressed,
Magui increasingly relied
in the natural world
she knew as a child.
Now she sees with
her heart, her soul,
and her connection to the earth
and to the animals that guide her.


donkey bray echoes
through quiet late afternoon
solitude lingers

(chio-ni haiku)
book of poetry by magui


Magui's poetry is inspired by
the natural world of Yelapa.
Her books are handmade locally
with all natural materials.
The cover is handmade amate,
and the binding string is hemp


the chant of night frogs
enjoying the here and now
i ask nothing more

(traditional haiku)

book of poetry by magui


The books are $20.00 USD or 200 pesos,
and may be purchased at the Lagunita Spa
and other locations around Yelapa,
or directly at Magui's house upriver.
(Ask anyone for directions or send us an .

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