Sacred Words


These were desperate times for the families of the hunting party that was lost in the blizzard. The Elders called on every member of the Tribe to pray for the safe delivery of those stranded in the snow.

Sacred words cut through the storm, sending strength to the hunters. The warmth of Great Mystery's breath kept the men from freezing. Many of the stranded men had visions of Ancestor Spirits building fires around them, with invisible buffalo robes being placed over them to protect them from the bitter cold.

When the hunting party returned home, revealing the mystical experiences they had encountered in their hour of need, the Medicine Elders smiled. They knew the power of the sacred words, and the intent those words carried had reached beyond the physical restraints of reality.

An Elder nodded and said, "There is no limit to the partnership between humankind and the Great Mystery. Our faith and our intent, coupled with the Creator's boundless grace, make any situation that seems impossible a challenge we can overcome."

Twenty-Sixth Meditation of the Twelfth Moon
"Earth Medicine Ancestors' Ways of Harmony for Many Moons"
by Jamie Sams

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