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An Elder Speaks Up ~ On selling sacred things, promises, racism, freedom and honor, land and property, the anger, and more. If you dare to face the truth in spite of the discomfort, go ahead and read it!

The Spirituality of the Sioux ~ Also divided by themes: medicine, animal spirits, women, names, silence, death and the soul's journey, and more...

Wise Words ~ Quotes from Indian Chiefs, Medicine Men & other sources. Includes info on the Wounded Knee Massacre.

Lakota Rites, Ceremonies and Symbolism ~ As a tribute to the rich spirituality of my brothers, I have gathered here the full explanation of their seven sacred Rites, plus other important ceremonies.

Did You Say Savages? ~ Some accounts of barbarism in the United States I collected, as a different kind of tribute to my brothers.

Lakota Instructions for Living ~ As they were passed down by White Buffalo Calf Woman.

The Sacred Instructions ~ Given by the Great Spirit to the Native People at the time of creation.

Lakota Prayer ~ Simple but very powerful.

The Body and Medicine ~ By Joseph Eagle Elk, a Lakota Medicine Man, within our Health & Healing section.

Reminder ~ Blessings are counted in the way we choose to look at them.

Sacred Words ~ A short story illustrating the power of faith and intent.

Swallowed Sounds ~ The very touching and enlightening story of Has No Voice.

Buffalo Skies ~ A beautiful story written and contributed by Noah White Eagle.

A Native Prayer ~ By Medicine Grizzly Bear.

Medicine Man ~ Poem written and contributed by Lynne Hayes.

Lakota stories in the children's section:


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