Medicine Man

written and contributed by Lynne Hayes

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The Medicine Man gazed into the fire
Withered eyes transfixed by the glow
He watches the Great White Eagle soar
In the Land of the Buffalo.
The Elders come, to the sound of drumming
Many have gathered in the heart of the flames
They tell of what will come for his people
And his sadness remains.

They feel great sadness in his heart
And tell him this must be,
In Many Moons to come, they say,
All people will be free.
Great warriors of Peace will descend upon Earth
They will carry the arrows of Light
The sword of Truth will be held in their hands
And these weapons will end man's fight.
Then out of the fire comes The Pipe of Great Peace
And he takes it in his hands
And he smokes for the time Great Peace lives again
Throughout all his Father's Lands.

© 2000 by Lynne Hayes


Lynne Hayes lives in Wales, U.K.

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