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Lakota Rites, Ceremonies and Symbolism

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I do not always ask, in my prayers and discussions, only for those things I would like to see happen, because no man can claim to know what is best for mankind.

Fool's Crow

The Seven Rites of the Lakota

Nagi Gluhapi (Keeping of the Soul)
Inipi (Rite of Purification)
Hanblecheyapi (Crying for a Vision)
Wiwanyag Wachipi (The Sun Dance)
Hunkapi (Making of Relatives)
Ishna Ta Awi Cha Lowan (Preparing a Girl for Womanhood)
Tapa Wanka Yap (Throwing of the Ball)


Other Lakota Ceremonies

Chanunpa Wakan
The Earth Day Ceremony

Symbolism in Concepts

Wakan Tanka
Wachin ksapa yo!
The 4 Directions
The Red Road
Sacred Numbers
The Circle
The Four Ages
Red and Blue Days
The Color Red
The Color Blue
The Flesh


Symbolism in Natural Beings

The Earth
The Sun
The Moon
The Stars
The Night
The Tree
The Fire
The Rocks
The Eagle
The Buffalo
The Rabbit


Symbolism in Dwellings

The Tipi
The Sweatlodge
The Ceremonial Lodge

Symbolism in Tools and Objects

Sacred Objects
The Pipe
Ceremonial Paint
The Drum
The Eagle-bone Whistle
The Drying Rack



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