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A Reservation Conversation

Taken from "Everyday Lakota" by J.S. Karol (1971)
Edited by Konstantin Hmelnitski

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A reservation conversation
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Words without a visible accent are stressed on the second syllable.


Washichu (white man)

Ikche wichasha (Indian)

Hau, John Smith emakiyapi. Táku eniciyapi hwo?
Hello, John Smith they call me. What do they call you?

Hau, Matho Ptécela emakiyapi.
Hello, Short Bear they call me.
Chanli wanji únpa yo.
Have a cigarette. (Cigarette one smoke)

Thanks. (Feel good-me-you-made)
Tuktel Tháh^ca ínyanka thi hwo?
Where do the Running Deer live?

Chankú kin le ogná wazíyatakiya ni na chankú ókiju icínunpa kin hetan wímahiyayetakiya ni, nahan thípi thokéya he kin hel thi. Nayáshna oyákihi shni.
You go north on this road to the second crossing, then turn west and go to the first house. That's the place. You can't miss it.
(Road this along northward you-go and cross-road second from-that westward you-go and house first there he-lives. You-miss you-can not.)

Pilámaya. Mázashkanshkan tónakca hwo?
Thanks. What time is it? (Metal-goes-goes what?)

Mázashkan wanji.
It's 1:00.
Mázashkan wanji sam okhise héchiya wa'unkta iyecheca. Tohanl ektá iwahunni kta hwo?
I have to be there at 1:30. Does it take long to get there?(At 1:30 there I have to be. When it is that I'll reach there?)

Líla hce théhantu shni.
It isn't too far. (Very far it is not.)
Mah^piya áya cha inihinmiciye.
I was getting worried, it's clouding up. (Clouds come so I worried.)

Hau, maghaju na'insh icámna kta séce.
Yes, it could rain or snow. (Yes rain or snow it probably will.)
Nahanh^ci anpetu washté cha wakhiyagni kte. Líla pilámayaye. Chanli (mázaska) kin lená yuhá yo. Tóksha aké wanchinyankin kte.
I'd better leave while the weather is still good. Many thanks. Here, take this pack of cigarettes (money).Goodbye. (Still day good so I-start-home will. Many thanks. Cigarettes (money) these have. Later again see you.)
Pilámaya. Wakhan Thánka níci un. Akhé ú wo.
Thanks. May the Great Spirit go with you and guide you. Come again.


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