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Imperative enclictics  ||  Examples


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Imperative enclictics  ||  Examples

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Commands are formed with a verb in third person plus an imperative enclitic. Example: Iyaya yo! Go away! (Iyaya = he departs; yo = command, man speaking).

Words without a visible accent are stressed on the second syllable.

Many thanks to Konstantin Hmelnitski for his kind collaboration.


Imperative enclictics



Man speaking
Woman speaking

Command, singular
yo, wo
Command, plural
Permission, singular
yo, wo
ye, we
Permission, plural
Mild request, singular
Mild request, plural
pi ye
pi ye
Familiar request



  • Yo and ye are used after verbs ending in a, an, e, i, and in, as in ómakiya yo (help me, man speaking).

  • Wo and we are used after o, u, and un, as in le mak'u we (give me this, woman speaking).




(man / woman speaking) _____________________________________________________

Chéye shni yo / ye. Don't cry.
Inah^ni yo / ye. Hurry up.
He mak'u wo / we. Give me that.
Le icu wo / we. Take this.
Thima iyaya yo / ye. Go inside (home).
Iyaya yo / ye! Go away!
Thóhinyanki yetho / nitho! Wait a bit, please!
Letan khigla yo / ye. Get away from here.
Léchi u wo / we. Come here!
Yé shni yo / ye. Don't go.
Mní kte (shni) yelo / ksto. I will (not) go.
Nih^wa he? Iyunka yo / ye. Ishtinma yo / ye! Are you sleepy? Go to bed. Sleep!
Kikta yo / ye. Wake up!
Eya yo / ye. Say it.
Hótanka eya yo / ye. Say it louder.
Ake eya yo / ye. Say it again.
Thiyopa (kin) yughan yo / ye. Open the door.
Owanke kahinta yo / ye. Sweep the floor.
Omakiyaka yo / ye. Tell me.
Amayupta yo / ye. Answer me.


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